Sunday, March 22, 2009

To carry on with the subject: can we make laugh about everything?

Here is a good example to discuss about, I think!
This is a sketch of Pierre Desproges who said: "We can laugh about everything but not with everybody!"

You have to know that we can't see this sketch everywhere. France 2 had to wait one in the morning to broadcast it.
Do you think we need to know who is Pierre Desproges and what is his type of humor to understand that is not anti-Semitic? Or maybe, you think this is anti-Semitic?
What's the difference between this sketch and what Dieudonné said?
Do you think that someone has to be jewish to be able to make laugh about Jews?
In a general way, can we only make laugh about what we are (religion, politics...)?
Enjoy or not. React!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can we make laugh about anything? part II

Here is a brand new video! Jamel Debbouze is a french comedian (again!), and we have heard a lot about him those days because of his action: he participates to a campaign to encourage the work for handicapped people. Maybe quite shoking for some of you, maybe useflu, more than any speech...

Enjoy. And comment. React. Or not.

Ricky Gervais

David, you were right... He IS funny!

The come back

Here we are! We are back, after a long long time spent working so seriously, reading didactic books, but finally we are still alive....
Well; I suppose I should tell you the truth: great shiny holidays in Bergerac, eating foie gras, drinking Montbazillac and...listening to Daniel Morin, of course!

Some of you have problems with the links, and can't listen to the chronicles. So I will try to put you some videos of other comedians like the famous Ricky Gervais, for example. But I have to write about Daniel Morin, because it's been awhile since I told you about him. (don't worry, it's gonna be quite short!)

This is about his vision of our president. I am sure that humor is a strange but very efficient way to bring up serious subjects. Nicolas Sarkozy is called "our emperor Nicolas the first"... Obviously this is not innocent, but a cynical way to denounce the behaviour of the president. It is both cynical AND personnal, but it certainly proves that you can say a lot of things with humor, and then make people think about them more seriously. Funny but disturbing. And this could be very dangerous. You can agree, or not. But next time I would like to write about this danger with the exemple of Dieudonné.

And that brings us back to the first question: Can we make laugh about everything? Certainly not.

But for now, let's laugh a bit: Do you know how Daniel Morin called Her Majesty the Queen of England, last time? "Pudding Grandma". ANd I found it very, very funny! (perhaps because I am actually dumb).

Monday, March 2, 2009


This is just to tell you not to worry, we are not dead, and you will soon have new posts, new links... But there is one more resting day, so you have to be patient!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Here is a video of another humorist, Stephane Guillon. I think that most of you already know him, like him or not, but I find him really funny. Another example of our freedom of speech.

Seriously. And I mean it.

Today I would like to write something more serious. Not because I have to, but just to prove that it is not because we chose to write about a fun chronicle that we can't think about it. So this is about humour.

Can we laugh about everything? And why do we want to laugh? I don't think there is a real answer, even if I am aware that we can't make fun of every subject. Some of them are quite delicate, like religion, diseases, and so on. How could we decide to laugh or not? Can I make fun of my grandmother even if she is in a wheelchair? Is it shocking for you? You are maybe right, if it is. But My grand mother is laughing with me, and sometimes, it is just the best solution to accept some situations. It is the way I chose to deal with this fucking thing. Shocking? I don't care.

And Daniel Morin? Shocking? How could he be so cynic?
The world is a mess, nowadays: wars, crisis, everything (or at least, a lot of things) is getting worst and worst. Humour is a good way to protect ourselves. Of course, we could be serious all the time, but then I would surely kill myself, or at least try to.
We, lucky frenchies, are living in a free country, and should feel thankful for that. Daniel Morin would'nt be allowed to talk about our president, in some other states. I would'nt even try to write this, in the way I do.

Laughing is a good thing, and if people like Daniel Morin are putting a smile upon our faces when we are walking our way to the subway, then maybe life would be better and better. At least, when I see someone laughing for no reason, it just..makes me smile. And it shines all day long.

Now you can listen to the chronicle, and please, have fun. It is the greatest way to face the world.